The policy must deal not only with caste-based discrimination but identity itself. Comment.

The main achievement of the 2019 election was that the common Indian rose above the caste-based politics to vote for the national interest. Caste system stands as the most pronounced blot on Indian society and has severely impacted the growth story of India including its development and security concerns over centuries. The malady has bypassed all religious frontiers and has come to affect almost all religions present in the country. The proponents of caste-system stand behind the pretext that not caste-system but the discrimination which emanates from it is actually bad. It has to be understood that in a society which rests on a highly hierarchical system, any kind of discrimination based on castes which are defined by birth is bad. The system which is said to have taken roots in Hindu traditions has been criticized by many Hindu sages and reformers. But despite the laws and policies, the discrimination has failed to diminish. The Constitution has not recognized caste and has ensured that all citizens will be given equal opportunity, but the system of castes seems to have taken deep roots due to the politicians which have nurtured the social evil to fill their own vote banks. The caste-based census, the need to mention the caste in some government forms defeats the purpose of dilution of caste-based identities. The government can consider the creation of a �no caste� for all those people who do not want to disclose their identity. Some subtle steps along with stringent regulation are the need of the hour.


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