The ideology of Swadeshi had brought a coherent relationship in economics, politics, religion and philosophy. Discuss

The terminology ‘Swadeshi’ is associated with Gandhiji. He is considered the champion of this concept. It means ‘local self-sufficiency’ or ‘home economy’.
Gandhiji was of the opinion that in order to renew India’s vitality and regenerate its culture, simply exchanging rule by white sahibs for rule by brown sahibs was not the intention. He wanted the government to surrender much of its power to local villages.
The ideology Swadeshi has coherent relationship in economics, politics, religion and philosophy.
From the economic point of view, it would make the Indians self-sufficient. Also, it would make the people self-reliant, self-employed by living in village communities, deriving their right livelihood from the products of their homesteads.
From the political perspective, it would imbibe in the people self-governing perspective. Maximum economic and political power, including the power to decide what is to be imported into or exported from the village, would remain in the hands of the village assemblies.
From the religious perspective, the idea of Swadeshi for Gandhi was the spiritual imperative.
From the philosophical perspective, the idea of Swadeshi promotes “Not mass production, but production by the masses.”
Therefore, it can be observed that Swadeshi is the way to comprehensive peace: peace with oneself, peace between peoples, and peace with nature. It is a holistic approach taking into consideration every aspect-political, economic, philosophical and most importantly economic.


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