The idea that public intent data can play a transformative role in the public sector has its own set of challenges. Discuss.

Public Intent Data refers to data that is used for public welfare. Recently released world development report by World Bank, titled “Data for better lives” referred to the role of Public Intent Data in public sector.

Transformative role of data in public sector:

  • Better service delivery through targeted schemes, e.g., Aadhar linkage.
  • Better design of schemes through data feedback.
  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Better physical and cyber security.
  • People-centric policies & decision making.
  • Nudge theory for welfare goals.


  • Privacy concerns associated with data analysis. E.g., Debate around Aadhar & Puttaswamy judgement.
  • Concerns around data security. E.g., Leakage of data of thousands of Indians in past.
  • Data surveillance threats.
  • Lack of digital infrastructure for data usage. E.g., Limited computing abilities, Internet access disparity (rural-urban, male-female).

Way forward:

Transformative role of public intent data can be realized by balancing intent with concerns around privacy & security on lines of B.N. Srikrishna committee recommendations and universal access to internet.


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