The idea of Indo-Pacific endures and is gaining ground. What outlook do you think will lead to the agreement between ASEAN and India on Indo-Pacific?

The 10-nation group has finally come out with their bid on the Indo-Pacific at their 34th meeting of ASEAN in Bangkok.
� ASEAN has not come with a clear strategy on Indo-Pacific although the group sees it as a vital part of the geopolitical sphere. It has expressed that the development in the region should be ASEAN-led and ASEAN-centric. ASEAN Centrality is seen as the underlying theme for promoting cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. This is in line with the Indian position iterated by PM Modi in 2018 during the Shangrila Dialogue process.
� Another major outlook will be to ensure a conducive environment for peace, stability and prosperity by means of a rules-based regional architecture. India is also pressing for an order which is applicable equally to the global commons. The new ASEAN Outlook typically refers to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).
� India has clarified that the Indo-Pacific region is not directed at higher security and prosperity of the region.
� Finally, it also includes free, fair and balanced trade by enhanced connectivity.



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