The cold war was to have profound effects on the economic and political systems of Latin America. How far do you agree?

Economic aid provided by the USA will help Latin America solve the problems. The aid was cut short if the government unacceptable by the USA came into power. And the only way to resume the aid was to change the government. In this way USA influenced the political system by using economic control. Sometime USA used rebels by supplying them with weapons to overthrow the unacceptable government as it did in Guatemala in 1954. All this was done by USA to stop communist coming to power and stop the spread of communism.
But by the end of 20th century some Latin American countries started resisting US policies. As the democracy was spreading, the leftist started organising themselves and formed parties and demanded social and economic reforms. People also supported  in the favour of leftist to help Latin America to overcome the problems of poverty and inequality.


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