The Aspirational District Programme not only mark a change in the policy focus from output to outcome but also from a top-down approach to a collaborative form of governance. Analyse.

The aspirational districts programme is an initiative to expedite the developmental outcomes in 114 most backward districts on a wide range of socio-economic parameters.

From output to outcome:

  • Goals aligned on detailed outcomes rather than merely on scale & output.
  • Focus on micro units – districts rather than broad policy for state.
  • Success measured in terms of changes between baseline measures and achieved outcomes.
  • Coordination done by a joint secretary at district level rather than DM.
  • Mainstreaming inclusiveness by obsession on bringing change for the most backward areas.

From top-Down to collaborative approach:

  • Decentralized execution at district level.
  • NITI Aayog has created data visibility through champions of change portal.
  • Districts to show improvement across melange of outcomes in decentralized way rather than monolithic schemes of centre.

Way ahead:

The aspirational districts programme encapsulates the goal of ‘sarvodaya’. True governance lies in inclusiveness and by mainstreaming most backward districts we are moving in the right direction of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’.


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