What conditions favoured rapid industrialization in 18th century England? Do you agree with the view that the "enclosure movement" played a role of catalyst in the Industrial revolution? Throw light

The key conditions that favoured rapid industrialization in 18th century England were as follows:

  • The agricultural revolution in England provided with agricultural surplus, raw material and released labour from rural areas.
  • Social and political stability provided by geographical isolation as it was not engaged Napoleonic conflicts.
  • Britain had established extensive colonial empire overseas in 17th and 18th CE which provided both raw material and source of market for industrial goods.
  • Availability of capital due to enormous trade.
  • Presence of Protestant religion fostered a questioning spirit among the people. Scientist led to technological inventions. Presence of entrepreneurial class which believed in technology, progress and hard work.
  • Availability of Coal and Iron mines close to each other helped in manufacturing of iron and utilizing coal.
  • England had better network of road than any other European country. Government invested in construction of roads and canals.

Yes, enclosure movement played a role of catalyst. Enclosure movement brought more land under cultivation; facilitated modern method of farming; unleashed large human capital from agricultural labour thus provided for workforce in industries. This workforce was ready to move where jobs were available and wages attractive. This helped the Industrial revolution.


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