Why some leaders of India such as Ram Manohar Lohia, Abul Kalam Azad found Congress solely responsible for communalism and eventual partition of India? Critically discuss.

It is evident that the spirit of communalism as well as British Government’s policy was responsible for the partition of India. However, Muslim appeasement policy adopted by the Congress was also to a great extent responsible for this.
Congress not only promoted the League but also at several times renounced its principles and accepted the demands raised by Muslim League. Besides, the ideals adopted and slogans raised during the freedom movement were based on ideals and traditions of Hindu religion rather on the spirit of Hindu-Muslim unity. But the actual circumstances for the partition of India were created by Jinnah. During the last phase of the freedom movement, such circumstances were created which made the partition of India unavoidable. A few examples of such circumstances include inviting the member of Muslim League in the Interim Government, Direct action day of the Muslim League, declaration by the British to leave India by June, 1948 and the severity of the Hindu-Muslim riot.
Above circumstances compelled Congress to accept partition of the country. In fact, no alternative was left before the Congress but to accept the partition. It is a bitter truth that millions of people were forced to displace from their ancestral place and had to suffer from very difficult circumstances but the partition cleaned the path of our political advancement. Though the partition had become inevitable, Congress cannot be acquitted thoroughly. The flexible policy of Congress towards the Muslim League.


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