Provide an account of spatial pattern and distribution of Cork Industry around the world. Why Cork Industry is called a sustainable industry?

Cork industry is important industry primarily based on forest gathering. The cork industry is mainly confined to the Mediterranean region. Out of the total 22 Lakh hectare cork forests of the world, Portugal accounts for one third while Spain accounts for one fourth share. Portugal accounts for half of global cork production. Other than Portugal and Spain, the key cork producing countries are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France, Italy etc.

Cork industry is considered to be a sustainable industry mainly for three reasons. Firstly, Cork is obtained by stripping it off the trunks of oak trees every nine years. Since the trees are not cut or destroyed for Cork production, this industry is considered sustainable because an oak tree continues to grow despite cork harvesting for 300 years. Secondly, cork is an easy to recycle product. Thirdly, the Cork Oak forests prevent desertification and are a particular habitat in the Iberian Peninsula and the refuge of various endangered species.


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