Present an overview of attitude of regional parties in India over centre-state relations.

India is a parliamentary democracy and has multiparty system. For the success of a federal set-up, a strong centre-state relation is needed. Implementation of policies need a cordial federal structure.
The centre-state relations are influenced by several factors like public opinion, pressure groups, state level politics, media, constitution, leadership, lobbies and political parties
Political parties act as spokesman of various issues as they are representatives of the public.
If there is only one party ruling both at the centre and states, (Congress up to 1967), then there would be national consensus on various issues.
However, over the years there has been an increase in number of regional parties in the states and this plays a major role in garnering consensus.
A political party plays the following role in centre-state relation-

  • Acts as harmonizing agent between the centre and the states.
  • Guides policy makers.
  • Acts as vital link between the state and the civil society.
  • Regional parties also play an important role in the demarcation of finances between the centre-state.
  • Regional parties have been playing an important role recently in raising voice for demarcation of separate state boundaries.
  • Regional parties also have the tendency to create the fervour of regionalism in the minds and hearts of people.


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