On what grounds, ULFA insists on its demand for Swadhin Asom? Discuss current status of peace process in Assam.

Model Answer:
The ULFA ideology for `Swadhin Asom’ stands from the Treaty of Yanbadu of 1826 which brought peace after the First Anglo-Burmese War.Treaty was signed between East India Company and King of Ava (Ava was capital of Burma from 1364-1841).As per this treaty: Assam, Manipur, Arakan, Taninthai were ceded to British. The Burmese had to cease interference in Chachar Kingdom and Jaintia Hills. Burmese agreed to pay an indemnity of one million Pounds Sterling to British. Burmese agreed to allow diplomatic representatives from British. Burmese also agreed to sign a commercial treaty in due course of time. The first among the above 5 conditions was very important, which led to Annexation of Assam into territories of British East India Company. However, ULFA does not consider itself a secessionist organisation, because it claims that Assam was never a part of India. It says that Assam was always an independent country which defended itself from the Mughal attacks as many as 17 times. Though Assam became a British colony after the Treaty of Yandabu, yet the people of Assam launched movement against the British; which later united with the Indian freedom struggle. Hence, after the departure of the British, Assam should have been an independent country, according to ULFA.


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