“NTRO (National Technical Research Organisation) was conceived as a Premier scientific organization, yet it continues to be more or less in a state of limbo.” Discuss.

The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) is an Indian highly specialized technical intelligence gathering agency under NSA, which acts as the primary advisor on security issues to the Prime Minister and the Union Council of Ministers of India. NTRO’s activities include developing technology and satellite and terrestrial monitoring. These technologies include cryptology, Cybersecurity and data management.NTRO inherited a number of R&AW’s techint assets. An unhealthy rivalry over division of men and material between the parent body, i.e. R&AW and the newborn agency, NTRO has unfortunately set in. NTRO has been bogged down by serious teething troubles, with squabbles among its hybrid cadres, brought in from the scientific (drawn mainly from the DRDO), intelligence and defence services, accentuated by the absence of approved recruitment rules.It has also been inundated by a spate of complaints and media leaks by disgruntled and unscrupulous elements, who have been trying to push their personal agendas at the cost of the organization’s future. The appointment of a suitable person to the post of its chairman has been an issue. But, since its inception in 2004, the agency has often been the subject of national controversy and continues to be more or less in a state of limbo, performing far below its potential.


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