How non-state actors bend foreign policies of countries? Critically discuss while keeping India's neighbourhood in focus.

Non-state actors, such as international NGOs and multinational corporations(MNCs) play a very important role in foreign policy in the globalized world. This help in forging the relationship between nations & provide a boost to economic growth and peace. However, nations also use extremists, terrorist groups to influence the foreign policy of other nations.
For example, Pakistan is using terror groups like Taliban and Haqqani network to accomplish the foreign policy objectives in Afghanistan.  Similarly, Pakistan is providing financial & logistical support to terrorist groups like LeT to create instability in Jammu & Kashmir & other parts of India.
Similarly,  China supported Northeast extremist groups by providing them financial & other support as a part of its policy to have a strong control over North East. It is also evident that Naxalite groups are getting support from outside nations. They are getting advanced weapons and financial support.
As per IB report,  foreign aided(funded by some donors based in the US, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries)  NGOs are stalling the developmental agenda in India which negatively impact the overall economic growth in the nation.
The International community in general and UN, in particular, should take action against such nations who are using non-state actors to further their foreign policy goals by creating instability & stalling development in other nations.


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