"Napoleon was the child of the French Revolution."Justify.

Napoleon was the child of the French Revolution because his rise to emperor of France was greatly influenced by the progressive events that took place during the French Revolution. He exploited the opportunities provided by the revolution and made several changes in the society during his regime. This can be justified by following points:
Abolition of class system
French Revolution abolished the class system and promoted equal opportunities for all. It gave Napoleon a chance to prove his potential and rise to prominence even being from a poor family.
French Invasion of Egypt
This again provided Napoleon a chance to demonstrate his abilities and military talents. Napoleon was not successful in his Egyptian campaign, but from this campaign his popularity increased in France.
Triad of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
The doctrine of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity became very popular during the French Revolution. Napoleon restored the same during his regime.
Code Napoleon
To foster fraternity and ensure rights of every citizen Napoleon formulated criminal code, military code, & code of civil procedure and commercial code.


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