Modi�s and Nehru�s politics are inverted mirror images of each other. Comment.

Modi and Nehru can be viewed as the mirror antagonists in terms of the basic approach towards many things. Modi is in stark contrast to Nehru has become a symbol of manliness, resolute and a man of true strength. Nehru was able to give shape to a new order and developed the idea of India as a modernist and reforming society in contrast to Modi�s success which has put forth India as a state soaked in solid nationalism and unrelenting adoption of a Hindu-identity disguised in the shroud of a welfare state. Modi era also stands to oppose the Nehruvian template of secularism and socialism by a moral reordering of the nation. Nehru considered big dams as the temples of modern India whereas Modi has symbolised toilets as a vehicle of upward mobility of identity politics. Modi has changed and challenged the conventional truths of politics and the legacy he leaves will base itself on the promise of fulfilment.


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