Mention some buildings which were architecturally good when most of the government buildings during 1950 to 1960 were built under the influence of the Modern Movement. Also state what were the drawbacks of the Modern Movement in architecture?

After Independence, most of the architects who were called upon to produce a number of buildings in a short space of time between 1950 and 1960 did not draw on the decorative designs of Indian architecture. They were seduced by the Modern Movement and thejoys of reinforced concrete to produce Delhi buildings. Some of these buildings were good, even excellent, examples of this type, Yugoslavia Embassy, India International Centre, Polish Embassy, Sri Ram Centre, State Trading Corporation building and the Khel Gaon Marg NCDC building.
In all these buildings, however, there was a tendency to subordinate individuality and nationality. All the buildings are of a standardpattern. Actually, this standard pattern was one of the few merits of this style. It has a kind of harmony and unity.
Later, there was a reaction against the sterility of these buildings.


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