Leader of opposition holds a place of immense importance. Discuss the significance of Leader of opposition.

Leader of the Opposition is appointed under the Salary and Allowances of Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Act, 1977.The Act extends the same official status, allowances and perks to the LoP that are admissible to Cabinet Ministers.
The speaker of the concerned house decides the conditions for the recognition of LoP. At least strength equal to the quorum fixed to constitute a sitting of the House, that is one-tenth of the total number of members of the House is needed. The single party and not an alliance must meet the 10% seat criteria in this regard.
�Significance of Leader of opposition

  • Leader of Opposition is a statutory office
  • It is necessary for a healthy political situation. A strong opposition can only maintain the stability of parliament democracy
  • He offers constructive criticism of government policies
  • He/she has to ensure that House proceeds expeditiously and holds adequate debate on pressing issues
  • He act as a watch dog to the ruling party
  • He is present in both houses i.e. LokSabha and Rajya Sabha
  • The option of not recognizing him/her is just not available

Article 122 of the Constitution mandates the courts not to inquire into proceedings of Parliament. But recognizing the Leader of Opposition is not a proceeding of the House within the meaning of Article 122.It is a statutory duty of the Speaker and the court can thus ask why action hasn�t been taken, resulting in the delay in appointing a Lokpal.


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