Justify by giving illustrations from the paintings in the caves at Ajanta that the master painters who produced these paintings were in love with nature.

The caves Nos. I, II; XVI and XVII were painted in the Gupta period. The master painters of Ajanta were in love with nature. The flowering trees, quietly flowing streamlets and the roaming denizens of the forest have received unqualified appreciation from them. The elephants and monkeys, deer and the hare are represented with utmost sympathy.
A broad and comprehensive outlook of life inspired the painters to greet the whole world as part of their repertoire. These mural paintings made manifest the whole universe.
In the words of Rothenstein “On the hundred walls and pillars of these rock-carved temples a vast drama moves before our eyes, a drama played by princes and sages and heroes, by men and women of every condition, against a marvellously varied scene, among forests and gardens, in courts and cities, on wide plains and in deep jungles, while above the messengers from heaven move swiftly in the sky. From all these emanates a great joy in the surpassing radiance of the face of the world; in the physical nobility of men and women, in the strength and grace of animals and the loveliness and purity of birds and flowers and woven into this fabric of material beauty we see the ordered pattern of spiritual values of universe.”


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