Joint family system doesn't seem to be core feature of Indian society any more. Enumerate the factors responsible for it?

Joint family/Extended family can take different forms, but has more than one couple and often more than two generations living together. It doesn’t seem to be the core feature of Indian society anymore due to following factors:
Values of individuality
Owing to increased exposure to liberal ideas via education, and the constant information flow from West, greater number of individuals try to justify their actions of individuality which involves experimentation in way of dressing, eating, mating and others. Thus for them living in joint family smother their freedom and curtail their way of life.
With the greater pull factors of cities like anonymity, greater livelihood opportunities, proper healthcare etc. combined with push factors of rural life like uncertainty of monsoon, lack of skill work, poor infrastructure, etc.urban sprawl is happening. In such scenario there is lack of residential space available, leading to nuclear family size.
The rise of industrial society has led to greater market penetration. Such that, the cost and standard of living has gone up. In such backdrop the lesser the mouth to feed the better the savings and enjoyment of modern life. Thus leading to rise of nuclear family.
Greater geographical mobility
With increased interconnection in the world owing to modern means of communication, there are increasing instances of greater mobility of individuals across countries and cities. In such scenario, people tend to prefer nuclear family as it’s easy to relocate often with them as compared to extended one.
Role specialization
With the rise of modern institutions like hospitals, schools, old age home, among others, the utility of joint family has significantly dipped, leading to its transition to nuclear one.

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