It is said the biggest problem is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. Examine this claim in the context of the assumptions of rational ethical decision making.

The biggest challenge of the 21st century is the post truth phenomenon. The vested interests are often creating an illusion for the problems the world is haunted. The world has often witnessed vested interests of developing an over simplified narrative to counter the challenges haunting the world.
Like protectionism as a solution for declining growth in western countries and isolating Muslim nations for countering terrorism. These false narratives are creating an illusion about the mechanisms to deal with the menace haunting the world.
The results of the actions based on illusion are rather disastrous. Attempts of isolating Muslims is further fueling fundamentalism. The illusion is deteriorating the peace and stability.
India which has a large minority population is less affected by the menace of ISIS when compared with the western countries. This even led to visit of delegation by Australia to examine this relatively low penetration of ISIS in India even when there is a substantially large Muslim population.
This underlines the need of rational ethical decision making. The decisions must be based on a 360 deg approach wherein all the aspects of the issue are thoroughly weighed to arrive at a rational and inclusive solution. Ignorance is bliss but the illusion of knowledge deteriorates the situation turning things from bad to worse.


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