It is said that the clear mandate won by the Modi government will give it a new edge on the geopolitical space. Comment

The latest mandate given by the Indian population is a watershed event in the Indian Political history as it has given rise to some unique circumstances like the highest-ever voter turnout to the largest share of votes bagged by a winning coalition. The mandate also raises the bar of expectations of people of India and also gives the leadership the much-needed wherewithal to take strong decisions to put the country in a new path of growth. As both US an China being caught up in a chilling trade war, the geopolitical space has given enough room to take advantage of the same and create unique economic opportunities. It also empowers the leadership to take the right decisions. It is the moment of India and the leadership is required to take strong stances on the most pressing issues of the world like Solar Alliance, Paris Agreement, etc. India should also play a rightful role in the global platform like emerging technology, especially in areas of artificial intelligence and space exploration.


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