ISROs success in space can provide tangible benefits to Indian agriculture. Discuss.

ISRO has carved out a niche for itself as a global superpower in space. The success of ISRO can aid in growth of agriculture by:
 Metrological data
ISROs has successful launches in meteorological satellites like INSAT, SCATSAT, SARAL SSHA can aid in better forecast about the weather and climatic conditions.
Agricultural allied activities
The fishing sector is supported through advisories on Potential Fishing Zones and the ocean state forecast generated using satellite data helps the shipping sector. This boosts fishing sector.
Agricultural management
Satellites can aid in estimation of soil moisture, agriculture and forest biomass and estimation of glaciers, snow and possibility of landslides. This will aid in making Indian agriculture smart.
Disease Management
Indian agriculture often falls prey to various crop diseases. ISRO can aid in effective tackling of these diseases. Indian remote sensing satellites and hyper-spectral studies have aided in fighting various diseases like yellow rust disease in wheat, coconut root disease.
Crop Insurance
Earth observation satellites can aid in dealing with insurance claims. Aftermath disasters like cyclones, floods the agricultural sector takes heavy toll. Use of earth observation satellites and remote sensing satellites can aid in better estimation of losses and settling of insurance claims.
ISRO has immense potential to contribute towards agriculture. Agricultural scientists must collaborate with ISRO for addressing various issues and exploiting the ISROs excellence in space for the benefits of agriculture.


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