ISRO should also involve private sector to join in building the proposed space station. Comment.

ISRO has lately announced to build India�s very own space station in next 5-10 years. The first hint for the ambitious project had come in 2017 when Rs. 10 Crores budget was allotted for an orbital meeting and docking between two satellite. This is essential for linking the separate free-flying units in space to physically link with one-another. The second hint was given when human space flight mission was announced in 2018. All this pointed to the fact that India was getting ready for a microgravity experiment. The Space Station will be small and with restricted use. It will actually start the preparations only after it has successfully completed the first manned space flight which is planned for 2022. Apart from many other questions ISRO has also to think about the economic viability of the project. It will be prudent to rope in private investment in the same. Thus, India can think of a public-private partnership model. The private industrial houses within India should be encouraged to participate in such projects. India should also consider the real benefits it will drive from the microgravity experiment.


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