Investment in social infrastructure is imperative for an inclusive and sustainable growth in India. Discuss.

Social infrastructure (e.g. health, education, etc) is the key to India’s development as a welfare state in line with constitutional commitments under the directive principles.

Role of social infrastructure in inclusive and sustainable growth:

  1. Focus on education and health –
    • Increase labour productivity
    • Increase human capital
    • Lead to inclusive growth
  2. Focus on human resource –
    • Skill development
    • Leads to improvements in diversified sectors.
    • Pushes India’s growth with reducing poverty and inequality.
  3. Focus on social infrastructure –
    • Leads to concerns of every segment incorporated.
    • Helps in inclusive policy setting.
    • Supplement sustainable growth.
    • Increases India’s resilience.
  4. Enhancing social infrastructure –
    • Increases the coverage of population.
    • Helps in sustaining growth.

Social infrastructure has become even more important after covid-19 has shown of the fragile state of health and education sectors and the plight of migrant workers. There is a need to incorporate more funds for social infrastructure in National infrastructure pipeline through private investments and government policy promotion.


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