"Inland aquaculture holds the key to the blue revolution in the country."Discuss critically.

Model Answer: Blue Revolution envisages transformation of the fisheries sector with increased investment, better training and development of infrastructure on the lines of white revolution which transformed India’s dairy sector. Given that India has large number of water bodies, reservoirs, lakes, ponds etc. the Inland aquaculture holds the key to the blue revolution in the country. However, there are some critical gaps that need to be addressed to achieve blue revolution in true terms. These include need for species diversification; tackling unscientific management of aquaculture; contamination of indigenous germplasm resources; poor yield optimization, problems in harvest and post-harvest operations, landing and berthing facilities for fishing vessels and issues in welfare of fish farmers. The weak linkages between research and development and fish farmers community; and weak multi-disciplinary approach.
There is a need of proactive government policy towards this sector. A National Inland Fisheries Policy should be put in place to provide support and strengthen inland fisheries sector. Further, the government should go for establishment of Fisheries Resources Centres on the lines of Krishi Vigyan Kendras to provide technical / educational support; Involve Private sector, NGOs etc. In the development of this sector; Streamline the schemes, rules and regulations; Remove infrastructure bottlenecks and enhance marketing support. [203 words]


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