India must recognize the right to a minimally decent life, so that no person falls below a certain level of existence. Comment.

There is a dire need for India to implement the structure of basic rights which should be viewed positively and not as rights against the state. Also, there should be some system that even the government is brought to task if there is any kind of violation of these basic rights. Such cases must be considered at par with the breakdown of the constitutional machinery. Basic needs are important to human beings as they have no substitutes. The state has to ensure the provision of basic needs for a person in particular for those who cannot provide for themselves as this is elementary justice.
Our basic rights also add to the idea of the basic needs as they help in recognition of basic needs as an entitlement. Basic rights are thus claims on the state for providing the goods and services which will satisfy our basic needs. The state becomes the guarantor for the rights of the citizens. These rights are basic because many other rights can only be enjoyed after these basic rights are ensured. The right to minimum economic security and subsistence which includes clean air, water, food, shelter, clothing, basic healthcare, etc. there is a clear connection between malnourishment and disease which in turn is related to poverty and unemployment. Thus, the failure of the government to provide for the basic healthcare for those people who cannot afford it is a gross violation of their basic rights. The next important right is the right of free public expression of frustration and helplessness. There should be proper arrangements for people on which they can demand their basic rights and also report omissions or lapses. Thus, all these comprise the right to a decent living.


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