India has to play an increasingly important role in claiming the Indo-Pacific region. Comment.

The world is becoming awake to the reality of the growing importance of maritime security, commons and cooperation. The current international order is characterized by a novel form of internationalism and fluid geopolitical strategies. Indo-Pacific has emerged as the new region for strategic rivalry. All major maritime powers of the world have a clear Indo-Pacific policy and strategy as announced by them in the recent past. It is because of the fact that the region contributes over 75 percent to the world merchandise trade with some of the busiest seaports in the world. It contributes nearly 60 percent to the global GDP. In addition, the region is also highly rich in the world energy flows for both the suppliers and the consumers. It is the growing interconnectedness that the region has grown in statistical significance. India has emerged as a conscious maritime power over time and is seeking to align its Indo-Pacific strategy with its own national maritime interests and has also entered into many countries of the region. It has reinforced the latter by its SAGAR approach. Fresh impetus has been given to the Blue Economy especially by its ambitious project Sagarmala. However, there is still a lot more than can be done to foster its position in the region:
� India needs to adopt a proactive attitude and give more substance to SAGAR.
� India should stress on the development of a common understanding of Freedom of Navigation.


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