In order to reduce damage and injury caused by earthquakes to the minimum possible, government has introduced the "Early Earthquake Warning and Security System (Onsite)". Explain how the system works.

India has witnessed frequent earthquakes over the last decade. While some of them were of high intensity and caused huge damage, others have warned about the future damage. In order to mitigate the damages caused by the earthquakes, the National Disaster Management Authority and Ministry of Earth Science have decided to introduce the “Early Earthquake Warning and Security System (Onsite)”.
How “Early Earthquake Warning and Security System (Onsite)” works?
Earthquakes occur when the tectonic plates floating across the mantle pull apart, or slide by each other, or collide. Such activities release certain amount of energy in the form of seismic waves that propagate through the Earth’s crust or along its surface. There are two main types of seismic waves called body waves and surface waves. Primary waves and secondary waves are body waves, whereas love waves and Rayleigh waves are surface waves. Body Waves travel faster than surface waves, however, it the surface waves that result in huge damage and destruction.
Onsite Early Earthquake Warning and Security System is a joint venture of Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd and Secty Electronics GmbH, Germany. It is capable of detecting the primary (P) waves of an earthquake and triggering pre-alarm. Since the major damage is caused by secondary waves and not primary waves, an early warning at-least 30 seconds before the surface waves arrives is of great help in preventing the damage. The onsite Early Earthquake Warning Security System besides generating pre-alarm, is also capable of taking automatic steps like shutting off lifts, electricity, gas supply, water supply, opens emergency gates, etc. This system is therefore very useful when installed in chemical plants and highly sensitive laboratories. (281 words)


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