If ethics is defined as a system of right and wrong, and as a means to live accordingly, how does etiquette differ from ethics? Discuss

Ethics are the set of standards which society places on itself. Etiquette is a code of behaviour that outlines expectations for social behaviour within a society, social class or group.

  • Ethics is a much broader term and usually etiquette is rooted in ethics.
  • Ethics provides for correct way to behave, Etiquette provides for a proper and accepted way of behaviour.
  • Ethics is about who you are. Etiquette is about who you wish to appear to be.
  • Ethics mean you will do the inappropriate thing for the right reasons. Etiquette is about behaving appropriately for the circumstances.
  • Ethics is more of personal and etiquette is more of public phenomenon.
  • Ethics usually doesn’t have a mechanism of enforcement but etiquettes usually will be accompanies with the means of enforcement.

As it is said that there are no universal ethical code, there are no universal etiquettes both evolve based on the conditions of the society.


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