While giving an account for meagre number of community radio stations in India in comparison to other countries, discuss how the Community Radio can be helpful for remote populations? Discuss various challenges of Community Radio.

Despite the fast progress of internet, the relevance of Community Radio Stations for a diverse country like India is no less important. In remote areas, it can be an effective tool of imparting awareness to the remote population about government programmes, disaster risk reduction and management, agriculture and so on.
In fact, Nepal shows us that way how community Radio can be helpful during calamities and natural disasters like tsunami, flood, earthquake etc. This apart, it can be helpful in preservation of local culture, dialects and identity. 
Challenges of community radio
In India, the number of community Radio Station is very less, in comparison to Nepal, which with a small fraction of India’s population, has 260 community radio stations. The main challenges include governance {applicant NGO must be three year old; and there is no single window clearance}; struggle to sustain due to lack of revenue model {they have only a five minute advertising slot per hour}; and demographic reason {Such radios are mainly run by girls and when these girls get    married, the group comes to a standstill}.


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