More and more recruiters are using Social media screening of the candidates during the recruitment process. In your view, is it ethical to watch the social media activity of aspirants while they apply for a job? Discuss.

Social media screening is a process of verifying the background of a candidate before recruitment. The process is conducted by the concerned recruiter in order to have a brief idea about the behavior, activity, positive and negative info about the candidate. Basically the final recruitment procedure is carried out after analyzing the information.

Legality and limitations

The process of social media verification is completely legal in nature as long as the platform is available publicly. The information shared by the candidate on the social media platform could be accessed by anyone. But ransacking beyond the privacy measures is not a justified way of verification eg. asking login credentials or any private chats.

Risk factors

The information on marital status, race, skin color, religion, sex, may create discrimination. It may provoke racism and other social issues. To ensure fair recruitment, the employer must disclose the reason for his rejection.

Effectiveness and failure

The process of social media screening is effective for people who are searching for a job in a similar domain. It should not be considered as an ultimate tool to judge anyone. A candidate can intentionally make his profile in line with the demand for the recruitment process to confirm his selection. An introverted person could be very much expressive in the social media platform so the screening will not ensure the information about the actual state of mind of the candidate.


Social media screening has achieved popularity in the world. A survey says about 70% of the employers check social media profiles of the candidates and some of the companies check the profile of existing employees. The screening never gives information about criminal records, antisocial activities. So a final legal check is necessary before recruitment. Treating the assessment of profile as a small tool considering the privacy issues and not making it as a medium to take the final verdict will definitely ensure a fair selection process.


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