How was Islamic architecture modified by Hindu master builders?

The two chief features of the Indo-Islamic architecture were simplicity and stiffness. Indian craftsmen laid great emphasis on joining the lines and angles in the correct way. They also decorated their buildings with sculptures. On the other hand, the Islamic architecture laid emphasis on proper form. The synthesis of these two styles of architecture resulted in lessening the stiffness of Muslim architecture and lesseningof too much decoration in Hindu architecture.
There is no doubt that Islamic art was considerably modified by Hindu master builders and architects. But it would be wrong to suppose that it had no ideals of its own. Hindu master-builders and craftsmen began to express Islamic ideas in the shape of brick and stone, the process of amalgamation set in. Both learnt from each other and though the Muslim’s handling of ornaments was not so exquisite, they derived the fullest advantage from the new ideas and mater.


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