How the personal values and guiding principles play role while making tough decisions and undertaking major changes? Discuss with suitable examples.

Values are principles or standards of behaviour which guides one’s judgment of what is important in life. Values are often derived from the acculturation and enculturation.
As a result there would be by and large conformity of the societal values with the personal values of individuals.
At moments there would be divergence. This divergence can be cause of revolution leading to a major change in the society.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy who is regarded as first social reformer of India diverged from the established norms and values of the society. As learnt man he called for purification of the Hinduism.
He led the fight against the heinous practice of sati. His actions led to resistance from the society. He was called as Dharma dhrohi. Even his mother stood against his efforts of reforming Hinduism. But he stood his ground firmly. He played a pivotal role in abolition of sati which eventually led to legislation from British India.
Personal values and guiding principles can bring major changes in the society. It is in this context the Swacch Bharath Abhiyan is emphasizing on the behavioral change to attain the objective of cleanliness and hygiene.
Even the Niti Ayog is emphasising on attitudinal changes to remove the status quo by emphasising the need to change from chalta hai to badal sakta hain attitude to address various challenges in front of Indian society.


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