How the community participation has aided in reviving the lost glory of Manas National Park?

Manas National park (MNP) is a conservation hub. It is a a national park, UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve.

Devastation of Manas

  • MNP is a home of several rare and endangered species such as tigers, rhinos, swamp deers, and different species of birds.
  • The political instability, militancy and disorder in administration in the region had resulted in scant attention towards forest protection and conservation.
  • This also posed a threat to the species inhabited the region.

Manas: the revival Saga

  • The backbone of the revival of Manas is the support from the community and the better law and order situation.
  • The band of NGOs, conservation volunteers, many of whom are former poachers are helping the forest department in maintaining the park.
  • The NGOs and the volunteers reached out to people and made them aware of the importance of the forest.
  • For developing the inclusive approach the NGOs are volunteers made people understand that this was their forest and people would be benefitted if they protect and develop it.
  • Manas has a good grassland habitat and since the overall protection scenario has increased there were efforts at putting rhinos back to Manas under the Project Rhino.
  • The NGO Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society (MMES) is also assisting the official forest guard in keeping vigil inside the MNP.

Manas is on its way to recovery and fast regaining lost glory. The inclusive approach with people led movement has been the backbone in the revival. This model must be emulated across the country to ensure the forests are conserved through a people friendly approach.


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