How successful was President Nasser as leader of Egypt?

Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein was elected in 1956 as the second president of Egypt. He played the instrumental role in overthrowing the monarchy in Egypt. President Nasser strongly advocated for the Arab independence and unity. He sent help to Algerian Arabs in their fight against French for independence. He opposed the British-backed Baghdad Pact and also asked other states for doing so. In the Suez crisis (1956), President Nasser was successful in ending the Anglo-French control of Suez Canal. Though Egypt was defeated militarily, President Nasser was able to direct world opinion in his favor which forced British, French and Israelis to back off. He became a hero for ordinary Arabs.   
He was especially popular in Egypt for his socialist policies. He limited the land holding for an individual to 100 acres and redistributed the surplus land to poor peasants. He attempted to make Egypt an industrialized country, under public sector thousand new factories were established. Construction on one of the flagship project, the Aswan dam, started. It was vital for electricity production and irrigation purposes. 
Thus, we can say that geopolitically as well as socio-economically President Nasser was able to increase the stature of Egypt. The only failure of his was the wrong estimates of Israeli defense forces which lead to Egyptian defeat.    


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