How India has utilized its soft power to achieve its foreign policy goals over the last few years? Discuss with suitable examples.

Soft power is the ability to attract and co-opt, rather than by coercion, which is using force or giving money as a means of persuasion. Soft power is the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction.
Indian soft power aiding in achieving its foreign policy goals
Greater collaboration of India with Afghanistan is driven by its soft power. Indian cinema, TV and economic assistance have generated a huge goodwill for India in Afghanistan. This provides an added advantage for India by surrounding Pakistan.
Support for UNSC membership
India is making claim for permanent seat in the UNSC for decades. India’s soft power has resulted in overwhelming support for India in its claim. Global north and south have come together to endorse India’s candidature for membership in UNSC.
NSG Wavier and Nuclear deals
NSG was formed as a result of India’s nuclear test in 1974. In 2009 NSG granted a special waiver for India to enable it to enter nuclear deals with the member countries. This has significant contributions from India’s credentials as responsible nuclear power.
Yoga and International peace day
India is emerging as a global super power. Its soft power credentials have enabled it to declare June 21 as international yoga day and endorsement of Oct 2, birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji as World peace day.
Indian Diaspora and US elections
Indian Diaspora forms a component of India’s soft power. Republican party candidate had made an outreach to Indian Diaspora that India will have a friend in white house through him and the Indian interests would be given due consideration. President Trump is actively pressuring Pakistan to bring perpetuators of 26/11 to book and dismantle the terror outfits operating from its soil.
With Initiatives like Pravasi Bharatiya divas and Krishna doctrine India is making significant efforts to reach out to Diaspora with an aim to make the relationship mutually beneficial.


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