How far would you agree that the main reason for Hitler's persecution of the Jews was that he was committed to racial purity?

Published: March 19, 2017

Out of all the aspects of Nazi regimes, the persecution of Jews was the worst. Jews were less than one percent of the total population nevertheless were used as scapegoat to all the German problems. Hitler begin to talk about the purity of Aryan race and must be kept free from the contamination of non-Aryan Jews. And this was the reason forwarded by Hitler to clear Germany of all the Jews. He talked about all this in his book ‘Mein Kampf’. In April 1933, after coming to power, he ordered the boycott of Jewish shops. His attitude towards Jews hardened further by 1935 after he claimed that there was a Jewish/communist plot to take over the world. For Hitler communism was a Jewish movement mostly due to the reason that many of Russian Bolsheviks were Jews. Thus, Jews were thrown out of the government jobs.
Anti-Jewish campaign was given legal status by the Nuremberg rules of 1935. These rules deprived Jews of their German Citizenship, forbade them to marry non-Jews and declared anyone having even one grandparent a Jew must be classified as Jew.
Thus, we can see that the persecution of Jews was based on both the theory of racial purity and the Hitler’s claim that communism is largely a Jewish movement.

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