How far would you agree that the February/March revolution which overthrew the Russian monarchy was a 'spontaneous uprising'?

The February/March revolution of 1917 was a result of failure and ineffectiveness of Duma, it started when bread riots broke out in Petrograd. The workers of nearby armament factories joined the rioters. When Tsar sent troops in response to protest and 40 people were killed, this fuelled the protest. After this the Army declined to fire on unarmed protestors, soon many public buildings were captured by mob and prisoners were freed from jails by the mob.
This revolution made nobles, Duma and the generals worried about the escalation of the situation and to restore law and order and prevent it from becoming real mass revolution, they forced Nicholas to resign.
The revolution can be termed as spontaneous uprising because unless the crowd was on streets and protesting against the Tsarist regime, there was no need for nobles, Dum and generals to act in this way to restore law and order. The revolution was carried out by activists who were not affiliated to any political group and workers who were motivated to protest due to bad economic conditions.


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