How far would you agree that Stalinism was just a continuation of Leninism?

Two opposing opinions arose as to whether Stalinism was a mere continuation of Leninism.
Opinions in favour of the statement

  • This group of thinkers adopted a negative attitude to the works of both Lenin and Stalin, emphasizing on the crimes committed by them. One such critic Alexander Yakolev produced evidence of the crimes committed by them. Another individual Dmitri Volkogonov pointed out that both the leaders were ruthless, Lenin during the Civil War and Stalin’s treatment of the
  • One similarity of opinion was identified in Stalin’s theory of ‘socialism in one country.’ Although in the beginning Lenin was willing to bring about a revolution in other countries like Germany for the spread of communism or ‘dictatorship by proletariats’, in the later stage he believed that the impact of the New Economic Policy would go such an extent that permanent revolution outside the country was not necessary. Here the two minds met.


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