How do the rock paintings of North Karnataka and Andhra differ from those of Western Central India? Discuss.

The granite rocks of north Karnataka and Andhra provide suitable protected surfaces for rock-art at sites as Kupgan, Maski, Piklihal, etc. Most of this can be attributed on account of its content to the Neolithic people who settled on these hills but it is quite possible that a few may be attributed to the hunting people who preceded them. The pictures are made by crayoning rather than painting, in a similar range of colours as those seen in Central India. The most frequent subjects depicted are cattle and long-horn humped bulls. They are shown singly and in groups, some with their horns decorated as though for a festival. Other animals, such as deer and tigers are occasionally illustrated, and it is these that suggest links with the hunting people. There are also elephants, some with riders and human figures.


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