How can governments promote balanced and sustainable urbanization to address issues of inequality and development? Critically discuss with suitable examples.

Governments need to shift their focus from prioritizing rural areas to creating attractive, high-quality urban centers across the country in a balanced manner. Currently, urbanization is concentrated in few cities located mainly in western and southern regions, leading to issues like high inequality, rural distress, and lack of good job opportunities.

  • More cities need to be developed by creating new municipalities and delegating greater financial and administrative powers. This will help disperse population growth and economic activities.
  • Mega cities can be decongested by promoting other emerging urban centers through initiatives like shifting of government offices and developing connectivity infrastructure between cities.
  • Ensuring basic civic amenities, housing, transportation and other urban infrastructure in all cities will improve livability and attract businesses and residents.

The example of Kolkata shows that with good governance even cities facing challenges can become self-sustaining economic hubs. The model of creating new states and capital cities has also accelerated growth of places like Raipur and Ranchi. Governments must apply similar bold visions and speedy execution to develop balanced urbanization across India. This will help address issues of inequality, unemployment and maximize development potentials of all regions.”


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