Highlight the need for promoting energy efficiency in India. Mention the steps taken by the government in this regard.

Energy efficiency refers to optimal utilisation of produced output with minimal wastage/ loss in its transmission or consumption.

Current status:

  • India is among top 3 consumer of energy in the world.
  • Heavy reliance on coal (50%) and oil (20%) in overall energy basket.


  • High transmission losses.
  • Huge import dependence on coal and oil.


  • Emerging as renewable energy champion (4th largest)
  • Energy efficiency can strike judicious balance.

Why need for energy efficiency:

  1. Climate check risk – increasing incidence of heat waves, extreme events will lead to sudden rise in demand for AC, heaters, etc.
  2. Increasing consumerism in light of rising national income – most households equipped with multiple energy consuming instruments.
  3. Promote sustainable living – optimal utilisation of resources, increased revenue for companies.

Measures undertaken:

  • Statutory framework like energy efficiency services limited.
  • Schemes like GRIHA (green rating of buildings).
  • Energy efficiency in transport sector – FAME.
  • Commercial building codes like ECBC.

Energy efficiency has therefore become a major emphasis area in our pursuit of going carbon neutral by 2070.


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