Have ‘Alternate Mechanisms’ been effective in improving the decision making process of the governance in India? Justify.

Governance is indeed a complex, cumbersome, involved and time-taking process. However, certain decisions are time bound; so need for ‘Alternate Mechanisms’ has arisen. ‘Alternate Mechanisms’ have been used in governance for quite some time, such as empowered committee to decide on disinvestment of government companies in past have resulted into reduction of fiscal deficit of government in past.

Rationale behind their need:

  • Decentralization is the ‘Mantra’ followed in these mechanisms.
  • Leverage of extended networks of government & bureaucracy.
  • The compact & wieldy body can take detailed tasks into account, conduct extensive consultations & talk to experts before arriving at a decision.
  • It would be practical for the cabinet/council of ministers.
  • In relation to the policy, many ground realities & ambiguities crop up; hence, need for an empowered mechanism to resolve disputes, clarity, etc. E.g. GST Advance Appellate Authority.
  • It would be similar to ADR mechanisms as in Judiciary.

Way forward:

While Alternate Mechanisms are needed, a review and accountability mechanism is needed to ensure their proper functioning.


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