Government should build consensus before pushing ahead partisan agenda. Discuss this in light of one nation one election proposal.

Many opposition parties of India have expressed doubts over the success of the PM�s One Nation, One Election proposal which seriously aims to check the many election irregularities in the system. It has been termed as anti-national and an attempt to undermine the electoral system of the government.
Elections are a huge exercise and require many resources and involvement of many public servants. When the country is continuously subjected to elections it suffers on the development front as there is always imposition of the Model Code of Conduct. This is usually the case in India as one state or the other is having elections. Holding one election for the nation will help check the huge election expenditure as well. The proposal has also been endorsed by the President of India.
The proposal which is completely oriented towards larger national interest has been given partisan colours. Government has to build trust and ensure that this is purely in the national interest. Many legislations in India which are good for the society are lost due to the partisan outline given to them by the politicians who need to expand their views for the larger good of India and come out of their own political agendas.


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