How the unorganised, unscientific fishing such as (gill net fishing) pose danger to aquatic fauna? Discuss taking example of Gangetic dolphins.

In Hindu iconography , ganga dolphins are considered as vehicle of ganga goddess .it is categorised as “endangered”by the international union for conservation of nature.
Ganga dolphins or ( indus dolphins ) one among the three freshwater dolphins present in the world today .others are amazon dolphins and Yangtze dolphins .however Yangtze dolphins are extincted .
According to the Data ganga dolphins expected to be around 1100 .This shows how endangered they are. the main reasons for the cause of this could be
Overfishing and destructive fishing techniques causing dangerous threat to the ecosytem.some of the fishing techniques like gill nets ,dynamites and beach sienes are highly exploitative in fish and aquarium trade
This type of unorganised,unscientific fishing pose danger to aquatic fauna .

Over exploitation of not only fish but also invertebrates ,and algae for various types of aquarium trade
Causing depletion of several species or group of species impacting multiple trophic levels

Heavy impact on reefs environments which is associated with fishing techniques,fish gearing and anchoring of fishing vessel.
Especially the use of deep water gill nets is a Potentially devastating fishing practise that impact heavily on different species.
Deep water gill nets are deeply damaging to the marine environment Through Huge nets which can be several hundred kilometres in length .
Deep water gill nets or large pelagic driftnets have already been banned by the various international fisheries management bodies .like Indian ocean tuna comission (IOTC), and the South East Atlantic fisheries organisation(SEAFO) .


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