G-20 is an important platform for pressing issues and India should lead in making G-20 more effective in dealing with some inequities of the system. Has G-20 become more pronounced for its bilateral meetings than the main summit? Comment.

G-20 in recent years has come to be watched for the meetings which happen on its sidelines than the ones which occur for substantive outcomes of the group. The group accounts for 85% of the GDP of the world and every nation has important issues to be discussed with other members on bilateral or multilateral levels.
India is planning to hold the G20 in 2022. There are many pressing global issues which have to be addressed by the group like climate change, the issue of speed and security as 5G is introduced along with the technology-driven terrorism.
All these need prudent policy-making and India should be playing a leading role in dealing with some of the inequities of the system and make the group more effective. G20 should not be reduced to a global grouping of nations coming together for pushing their personal or bilateral interests but seek to work towards common goals.


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