"From a biological being to a societal being is a long journey". What are the factors that contribute towards this successful journey?

The young baby born is a biological being without the shuoor, or the conscientiousness of society -right and wrong. The baby gradually grows in the family learning the names of things and develops understanding of society, the morality and ethics on which the foundations of society lay. This long journey takes years and in fact is a continuous process till the end of life. 
Various factors that contribute towards this successful journey are as follows:

  1. Family especially mother has a strong influence on the psychology of the child. A child raised in loving and caring family has a positive attitude towards life and other people.
  2. School exposes children to other child peers and thus are the first exposure of child to society outside.
  3. Religion has a strong influence on a child’s mind and to a large extent shapes his/her value system. Ritual congregation, religious sermons and moral stories try to inculcate positive behavior in people. 
  4. When the child grows up further, he interacts with society in general- Uncle and aunties in the society, distant relative and other children in the park or club.
  5. Films, video games, television and media-both print and electronic make strong imprint on the minds of children and also adults. They inculcate stereotypes and change norms and behavior of people.

Thus, parents must be alert regarding the influences a child is exposed to. A child’s mind is like an empty. Things written on it are almost indelible. Exposure to these factors should be channelized so as raised the child with good morals, ethics, attitude and behavior.


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