Explain why there was opposition to President Roosevelt's New Deal. How successful do you think these critics were in the period 1933 to 1941?

There was opposition from both left and right wing, which are described below:

  • Businessmen criticised the New Deal because by bringing labour reform the government was trying to interfere in economic affairs which was against laissez-faire.
  • Some state government expressed that the federal government was interfering into the internal matters of the state.
  • The Supreme Court was also against New Deal and termed National Recovery Administration (NRA) as unconstitutional.
  • Socialists felt that New Deal was not very effective and the power was still in the hands of big businesses.
  • There was opposition from the right-wing democratic party as well because the New Deal helped in formation of labour unions and strikes. Dissented democrats left the party and joined Republican party to block further legislations.

Though there was so much of opposition to the New Deal, Roosevelt was very popular among Americans as the policies actually benefited them. He won the support of trade unions, farmers and blacks. In the backdrop of opposition Roosevelt won elections in 1936 and 1940.


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