Explain how DNA Profiling has revolutionized criminal investigations.

The technique of determining an individual’s DNA characteristics is called DNA profiling. Nowadays, it is the most commonly used in criminal investigations. It helps in resolving disputes related to maternity/paternity, in identification of the mutilated remains, and revealing information about the inherited genetic diseases. The best and the simplest thing about the technique is that it requires only few skin cells, or a hair root, or a tiny amount of blood, or saliva, or even finger nails for understanding the DNA traits of an individual. Forensic scientists can compare the DNA profile developed using the available samples at the crime spot, with that of a suspect or the victim, to look for a match. In case the two DNA profiles match, the purpose is solved. There is only a one-in-a-billion chance that the matched DNA traits are from two different people – unless they are identical twins. (149 Words)


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