"Politics in the northeast India is marked by ethnicity and extremism for a long time." Discuss in the light of recent happenings in Arunachal Pradesh.

North Eastern region of India is described as a cultural mosaic consisting of various tribal communities and Lingustic / ethnic identities. The politics of this region is marked by intra-tribal conflicts and extremism for a long time. The assertion of ethnic identities is mainly due to the desperate attempt of various ethnic groups to protect their identity, culture and language. This is a common element in all the states of North East and Arunachal Pradesh is no exception to this. With numerous ethnic groups and tribes such as Nyishi, Apatani, Galo, Adi, Monpa, Mishmi, Shingpo, Khamti, Serdukpen etc. in the state, the state is very sensitive in these days as the recent crisis also has an ethnic angle. The erstwhile Chief Minister Nabam Tuki belonged to Nyishi tribe and the rebel leader Kalikho Pul belongs to Mishmi tribe. 
The recent turmoil in the state has thus flared up the communal tension along with the politico-constitutional crisis. The tension has been aggravated due to the fact that Governor JP Rajkhowa is an Assamese speaking former bureaucrat who in his report accused former chief minister Nabam Tuki of communal politics by provoking Nyishi tribesmen and funding public protests to seek his ouster.


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